How to Remove the Fan from a 1999 GMC Safari?

Answer The accessory belts drive the radiator fan in your Safari. Although rarely damaged, replacing engine components like your Safari's water pump requires you to remove the radiator fan. One of the mos... Read More »

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How to Remove a Brake Drum From a GMC Safari?

Removing the rear brake drums from your GMC Safari van will allow you to access the rear brake components. If you are planning a brake job, the front and rear brakes should be inspected prior to st... Read More »

How to Remove the View Tab From a Safari 1.3.2 Toolbar?

The View tab at the top of the Safari 1.3.2 Web browser window is a part of the larger toolbar called the Menu bar. This bar also contains additional tabs like File, History and Help. To hide the V... Read More »

How do i remove the history from safari on an iphone?

Open Safari, then click the "Bookmarks" button at the bottom of the browser. Click "Clear" on the lower left, and then click "Clear History."Source:Art of the iPhone: How to Delete the iPhone's Saf... Read More »

How to Remove Website Data from Safari in iOS 5?

In iOS 5, the mobile Safari mobile browser has been given a number of enhancements. From within the Safari Settings pane, you now have the ability to delete individual website data entries rather t... Read More »