How to Remove the Faceplate on the Huawei U7519?

Answer The Huawei U7591 cell phone offers its users a touch screen phone capable of sending and receiving phone calls, text messages and photos as well as accessing the internet. The Huawei U7591 cell pho... Read More »

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How to Remove Your PSP Faceplate?

Changing your PSP faceplate is a quick and painless process if done properly, but if done incorrectly it can be a pain. Your PSP is an expensive piece of equipment so be careful at all times. This ... Read More »

How to Remove an Alienware Case Faceplate?

Alienware desktop computers are designed for high performance and come with custom enclosures. Alienware computers are known for their highly upgradeable setups, which allow users to modify or upgr... Read More »

How to remove battery cover from Huawei phone?

You have to press your thumb really hard in the center of the back of the phone then the corners will come up. Don't try to pry the corners because it will just leave marks.

What is a lock faceplate?

A lock faceplate is the metal plate that mounts on the door, covering the lock mechanisms. Faceplates are placed on the edge of the door and flush with it so the door can close easily and, in some ... Read More »