How to Remove the Dashboard in a Nissan Maxima?

Answer Many vehicle repairs require dashboard removal in your Nissan Maxima. For instance, much of the ventilation system can only be accessed by pulling away the dashboard first. Other owners may simply ... Read More »

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How to Disassemble the Dashboard of a 1991 Nissan Maxima?

Disassembling the dashboard of your 1991 Nissan Maxima is not as difficult as it may appear. The dashboard is secured to the Maxima through the means of a few screws and bolts. Once you remove thos... Read More »

How to Remove the Front Panel of the Dashboard on a 2005 Nissan Frontier?

The front panel on the dashboard of your 2005 Nissan Frontier is used to house key components such as the instrument cluster, heating controls and radio assembly. If any of your front dash componen... Read More »

How to Remove a Radiator From a Nissan Maxima?

The radiator in a car's cooling system works by passing coolant through its small tubes, with air moving over them. The heat passes from the coolant to the air and the coolant flows through the eng... Read More »

How to Remove a Hub Nut on a 2003 Nissan Maxima?

Removing the hub nut on a 2003 Nissan Maxima is a relatively easy job. However, removing the hub nut often is the prelude to more difficult mechanical work on the vehicle's transaxle system, which ... Read More »