How to Remove the Cowl Vent Cover on a 1997 Aerostar?

Answer The cowl vent cover on the 1997 Ford Aerostar rests between the hood and the van's windshield. It's the panel the wiper arms are mounted on. The most common reason you'd want to remove the cover is... Read More »

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How to Remove Cowl Vent Cover Fasteners on a 1997 Aerostar?

The cowl vent cover is the black strip of plastic that rests between the windshield and the edge of the hood. On the 1997 Ford Aerostar, you'll need to remove this vent cover if you want to access ... Read More »

How to Remove a 2001 Mustang Cowl Vent Panel?

A 2001 Mustang's cowl is located at the base of the windshield, beneath the windshield wiper arms. You will have to remove this cowl if you are planning to conduct any maintenance beneath it. This ... Read More »

How to Remove a Console Cover From a 2007 Ford Aerostar?

The 2007 Ford Aerostar van is a large family vehicle with extra storage room. The center console cover in the Ford can see a lot of use and, as a result, has a tendency to become very dirty, with s... Read More »

How to Remove a Vent Cover From a Kenmore Microwave?

The ventilation system on a Kenmore microwave includes a filter located behind the vent cover. If air is not coming out of the vent when you are microwaving food, then you may need to replace the c... Read More »