How to Remove the Cover on an HP Pavilion ZE2000?

Answer The HP Pavilion ZE2000 laptop requires several steps if you need to disassemble the computer to remove the case. You need to take the cover off this laptop to access the internal components, such a... Read More »

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How Do I Restore an HP ZE2000 Pavilion?

If your HP ZE2000 Pavilion notebook is slowing down or getting hung up, you can format the hard drive and restore the computer to its factory condition. The HP ZE2000 comes with a set of recovery ... Read More »

How much RAM can the HP Pavilion ze2000 hold?

The HP Pavilion ze2000 can support up to 2 GB of RAM. Only 512 MB of RAM comes standard. There are two memory expansion sockets, which can each support a 1 GB RAM module.References:Laptop Memory Up... Read More »

Can the cover icon on the lid be turned off on an HP Pavilion dv4?

The HP lighted emblem cannot be turned off without opening the computer and disengaging the wire that connects to the small LED that shines through the transparent logo. Dimming your screen will lo... Read More »

How to Take off the Front Cover of an HP Pavilion?

HP Pavilion laptops are sold around the world, and they have some parts that routinely need to be replaced after some time. Disassembling your HP Pavilion laptop is often necessary to access certai... Read More »