How to Remove the Coil Packs From a 1996 Cavalier?

Answer The ignition coil pack in your 1996 Chevy Cavalier comes equipped with a double coil, each one connecting to two spark plugs in the engine block. A single faulty coil will provide a weak or no spar... Read More »

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How to Remove a Tension Pulley for a 1996 Cavalier?

The tension pulley on a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier is part of the automatic belt tensioner assembly. If the pulley suffers a bearing problem or incurs damage on the pulley itself, you'll need to repla... Read More »

How to Replace Audi TT Coil Packs?

A common problem among Audis and Volkswagens involves ignition coil packs suddenly failing and causing your engine's cylinders to misfire. Though you may still be able to drive your car if an ignit... Read More »

How to Test Ford Coil Packs?

Late model Fords are equipped with coil packs rather that the old style individual coils for each cylinder. These coil packs are solid state units that transmit electricity from the Ford's computer... Read More »

How to Change Coil Packs on a 2004 Ford E-250?

The Ford Econoline hit the market in the 1961 model year and became a near-immediate hit with large companies in need of fleets of cargo vans. In the 2003 model year, Ford slightly rearranged the E... Read More »