How to Remove the Chaff From a Drum Roaster?

Answer When coffee beans are roasted, a thin skin separates from the bean. This skin is called chaff. Some chaff burns off during the roasting process, but some may remain. Chaff is flammable and leftover... Read More »

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What is chaff?

Chaff is what is left of wheat fruit after the removal of the kernals. Chaff can be used, in small quantities, mixed in with horse feed to keep the horse from eating to quickly.

How to Sort Grain From the Chaff?

Threshing machines and now combines have taken the place of removing chaff by hand in the US. Chaff is the inedible stalks, leaves and seed casings found on grain plants such as wheat, corn and soy... Read More »

Chaff of the summer threshing floor?

What is the composition of coffee bean chaff?

Coffee bean chaff is composed of the skin of coffee beans that come off during the roasting process. The dry chaff is usually discarded in large amounts by commercial roasters, but it can produce e... Read More »