How to Remove the Brakes From a 1986 Chevy?

Answer Taking care of your brakes is an important part of vehicle upkeep. The brakes on your 1986 Chevy will need to be removed from the vehicle for both inspection and replacement. Inspecting these compo... Read More »

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How to Replace Rear Brakes on a 1986 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pickup?

A ½-ton Chevy pickup truck is considered a light-duty truck. The rear brakes on the truck will last much longer than the front brakes, but they will wear out, and you need to replace them periodic... Read More »

How to Remove a 1986 Chevy Celebrity Ignition Switch?

The ignition switch is a five-phase switch that controls the ignition of the car. On the Chevrolet Celebrity, the switch is located in the steering column next to the ignition lock. Removal of the ... Read More »

How to Remove the Disc Brakes on a Chevy S-10?

Disc brakes are standard equipment on the front end of all Chevy S-10 trucks. These hydraulic brakes have pads on either side of the disc. When the brakes are depressed, the pads tighten around the... Read More »

How to Remove Front Disk Brakes From a 1995 One Ton Chevy Truck?

Installing front disc brake pads on your one ton Chevrolet truck is not so hard. The one-ton Chevy truck has two types of disc brakes systems. One for the two wd single rear wheels and one for the... Read More »