How to Remove the Brake Line on a Rhino?

Answer The Yamaha Rhino has a been a popular choice for off-road ATV enthusiasts since its conception in 2003. It has a good record for capable off-road performance and reliability, as well as outselling ... Read More »

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How to Remove Air From a Brake Line?

Removing air from your brake lines is also called bleeding your brake lines. It is an essential part of brake maintenance because the air in your brake lines can cause the brakes to perform any le... Read More »

How to Remove a Rusted Brake Line?

Rusted brake lines occur in severe weather conditions, usually snow. The salt they use to melt the snow can cause the brake lines to rust or corrode. A rusted brake line will need to be removed to ... Read More »

How to Remove Air Bubbles in a Brake Line With a Mityvac?

Bleeding the brakes on a car is the process of removing air from the brake lines so that braking is firm and safe. If there are air bubbles in the system, the brakes will feel spongy and will not o... Read More »

How to Replace the Brake Pads on a Yamaha Rhino?

Changing the brake pads on a Yamaha Rhino is similar to those on a car. However, the piston will need to be screwed back in instead of just pushed in with a clamp. It is a tight fit, so you will ne... Read More »