How to Remove the Bed on a Nissan Frontier?

Answer The Nissan Frontier is a small pickup truck designed to carry light loads in the bed and on a tow hitch. The bed on these trucks can take a lot of abuse, and eventually, you may want to replace it ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Nissan Frontier Headlight?

The headlights in your Nissan Frontier can go out for many reasons. The bulb may be faulty or just worn out from years of use. Changing your headlight is a minor hassle, but it can prevent many oth... Read More »

How to Remove a Bed Extender for a Nissan Frontier?

Almost all new Nissan Frontiers made after 2005 have bed extenders. These are metal cages that fold out of the truck bed and extend the load the truck can carry. They are helpful when carrying cert... Read More »

How to Remove the Belt Tensioner on a Nissan Frontier?

The belt tensioner on a Nissan Frontier ensures that the serpentine belt on the engine is always kept at a proper tension. Over time, the tensioner can lose tension, allowing the belt to slip in th... Read More »

How To Remove a Nissan Frontier Tail Light?

Removing a tail light seems like a simple project. However, the presence of bed liners and tailgate extenders commonly found on the Frontier can make the procedure difficult. Nonetheless, the deter... Read More »