How to Remove the Baseboard Pipes?

Answer In baseboard heating, wall-mounted baseboard convectors run along the bottom of walls. Hot water flows through the pipes inside the convectors, radiating heat into the room. They are efficient, but... Read More »

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How to Remove a Vinyl Baseboard?

Vinyl baseboard is glued to the wall to fill in the gap between the floor and the wall. You may decide to remove it when it becomes damaged or because you want to use a different type of baseboard.... Read More »

How do I remove a baseboard heater?

Turn the Heater OffLocate all heater circuit breakers in the main panel box, and turn them off. Allow the baseboard heater to completely cool before attempting to remove.Remove the HeaterRemove the... Read More »

How to Bleed Pipes to Remove Trapped Air?

When a plumbing repair is made, the water supply is discontinued while the work is completed. In the absence of water, air fills the pipes. When the repair is finished and the water supply is resto... Read More »

How to Remove Tar From Motorcycle Pipes?

You're enjoying a warm, sunny day while driving down the road in your brand new motorcycle. As you pull off to grab a bite to eat, you notice dark, black tar on your shiny exhaust pipes. It is thic... Read More »