How to Remove the BIOS Chip From a Dell Inspiron 1300?

Answer The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) chip is a small battery-operated chip built into your Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop's motherboard. It stores data that is instrumental to your laptop's overall perf... Read More »

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How to Remove and Replace a Dell Inspiron 1300 Keyboard?

You may have to remove the keyboard to get to the components underneath it or to replace it. Whatever the reason for the removal, taking off a Dell Inspiron 1300 keyboard is easier and faster than ... Read More »

How do I Make a Capital Letter on a Dell Inspiron 1300?

The Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop features a full keyboard setup with all of the functionality of a larger desktop keyboard. Take advantage of the numerous key combinations available to get the most ou... Read More »

How to Locate the Dell Inspiron 1300 Coin Cell Battery?

When your Inspiron 1300 laptop computer is turned off, the computer's motherboard still retains critical data about your computer's hardware configuration in its memory thanks to the assistance of ... Read More »

How do I Change Low to High Cases on the Keyboard for a Dell Inspiron 1300?

As with all computer keyboards, the keyboard that is built into your Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop computer can format text in two cases--uppercase (or "capital") letters or lowercase letters. You can ... Read More »