How to Remove or Switch a User From a Screensaver Login?

Answer When you are using the Fast User Switching screensaver login option in Windows, multiple user accounts may be logged in to the computer at the same time (as opposed to one user having to log off in... Read More »

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How do I remove an XP user login password?

Log in to Windows as the computer administrator. Click on the "Start" menu and open the "Control Panel." Click "User Accounts" and select the account that you want to edit. Click "Remove the passwo... Read More »

How to Remove User Accounts From the Login Screen in Windows XP?

Sick of seeing user accounts for people who don't even use that computer anymore? Or maybe you bought your PC secondhand and it came with some already on there. Taking them down doesn't require a w... Read More »

How to Disable Windows Login Screensaver?

Have you ever been annoyed by the computer going into screen-saver mode before you've even logged in to it? This is a step-by-step guide to disabling this feature.

On minecraft login what does user not premium mean?

It means you need to pay to play. It's around $20(US) for an account.You can register here,