How to Remove and Install Water Pumps?

Answer The purpose of a water pump is to regulate the fluid that flows through the engine to cool it. When the water pump breaks, damage to other engine components is inevitable. While it might take you a... Read More »

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How to Install Hand Water Pumps?

Getting water out of a well is easy if you have electricity and a working pump. In situations where supplying electricity to a pump is difficult or impossible, the old-fashioned hand pump is a prac... Read More »

How to Install Water Pumps in '96 Sunfires?

The water pump on the 1996 Pontiac Sunfire is easily accessible with the appropriate tools. You might need to remove the water pump because it is leaking, the bearings have gone bad, or the pulley ... Read More »

How to Install Mercruiser Water Pumps?

A Mercruiser's water pump, which is located inside the lower unit of the boat's outdrive, keeps the engine cool by pumping water from the lake inside the engine. The pump is also referred to as the... Read More »

How to Install Ford Water Pumps?

The water pump on your Ford is responsible for circulating coolant throughout the engine. When the water pump goes bad, your car will begin to overheat so you will need to replace it. Most people d... Read More »