How to Remove an Xterra Power Steering Gearbox?

Answer The steering gearbox in a Nissan Xterra translates the twisting motion from the steering wheel into turning the wheels side to side. Over time, the gears inside the gearbox can start to wear out, m... Read More »

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Power Steering Gearbox Components?

Power steering has the job of making the vehicle turn via the steering wheel with a minimal amount of pressure applied. It does this by using a fluid pump that drives power steering fluid through h... Read More »

How to Remove a Steering Gearbox?

Your steering gearbox transmits your steering wheel movement to the wheels through various types of steering linkages that connect the two front wheels to each other. There is usually a tie rod tha... Read More »

How to Remove a Power Steering Pump & Increase Power?

By removing the power steering pump on your car, you can expect a horsepower and torque increase. The power steering pump draws energy from the motor so that it can spin the pulley and create power... Read More »

How a Steering Gearbox Works?

Steering wheels are one of the most fundamental components in the modern automobile, yet very few people are aware of the mechanism by which they actually operate. Steering gearboxes come in differ... Read More »