How to Remove an Old Rear Main Seal?

Answer Having an old or damaged rear main seal (RMS) can cause puddles of oil underneath the vehicle. If oil is leaking from the bell housing area behind the oil pan while the engine is running, then your... Read More »

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How to Remove the Rear Main Seal in a Chevy S10?

The rear main oil seal in a 2.2 liter Chevrolet S10 can be replaced without removing the engine oil pan or the crankshaft. However, removal of significant components external to the engine, most n... Read More »

What Is a Rear Main Seal?

Rear main seals come in many shapes and sizes, but all are responsible for sealing the back of an engine's crankshaft. These vital seals must keep oil inside the engine while coping with the cranks... Read More »

How to Fix a Rear Main Seal?

The rear main seal in an automobile engine is located directly behind the rearmost main bearing journal of the crankshaft.Its job is to keep the oil that sloshes around in the crankcase and oil pan... Read More »

What Is a Cadillac Rear Main Seal?

The Northstar family of V-8 engines have been used in Cadillacs since the early 1990s and are known for leaking rear main seals. Though generally reliable, these engines can use oil at an epic rate... Read More »