How to Remove an Oil-Based Stain From Car Paint?

Answer Stains on your car are never pretty, but oil-based stains are especially troublesome. They can seriously damage your paint job, and they can be very difficult to remove. Because oil and water don't... Read More »

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Ways to Remove Water Based Paint Stain on Shirts?

Even the most careful painter can wind up with paint stains of his clothing. But don't send your favorite clothes to the rags closet. With a few steps, water-based paint stains can be removed and y... Read More »

Can you use latex paint over oil based wood stain?

You can use a latex paint over stain, if you prepare the surface properly. Clean and sand the surface area first, suggest experts at the Be Jane website, then apply an appropriate primer for latex ... Read More »

Can you put oil stain or water-based stain over white oil-based primer?

You can apply an oil-based stain to wood after applying a white oil-based primer, as long as you choose a solid color or opaque stain. Semi-transparent stains need to permeate the wood to have an e... Read More »

How do I remove paint and stain?

Chemical MethodsLocate a suitable product for removing either paint or stain. There are a variety of different chemicals available for removing paint. Some, such as methylene chloride, work almost ... Read More »