How to Remove an Oil-Based Stain From Car Paint?

Answer Stains on your car are never pretty, but oil-based stains are especially troublesome. They can seriously damage your paint job, and they can be very difficult to remove. Because oil and water don't... Read More »

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Ways to Remove Water Based Paint Stain on Shirts?

Even the most careful painter can wind up with paint stains of his clothing. But don't send your favorite clothes to the rags closet. With a few steps, water-based paint stains can be removed and y... Read More »

How can you remove a paint stain from carpeting?

Answer Try Fantastic-I was able to remove KILZ oil based from carpeting with this. Fantastic is a miracle cleaner- I highly recommend it to clean everything

How do I remove paint stain from a polar fleece?

Rinse Polar FleecePlace the polar fleece in a sink with the paint stain facing down. Run a fast stream of warm water onto the back of the stain, allowing the paint to flush with the water from the ... Read More »

How to Remove the Smell of Paint Stain From a Home?

Regardless of who manufactures them, paint and stain each consist of certain chemicals that leave behind pungent odors. If you or a family member react badly to paint fumes, you should take all pos... Read More »