How to Remove an Infinity CD Changer From a Mitsubishi Eclipse Infinity Car?

Answer The Mitsubishi Eclipse is among the many cars from the manufacturer that is equipped with a standard CD player and stereo system. These systems often come with six-disc CD changers that allow you t... Read More »

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How to Remove an Infinity CD Changer From an Eclipse?

Stereo systems have become nearly standard features on cars around the world, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse is no different. Models since the 1990s have been equipped with stereo systems that allow yo... Read More »

What is infinity minus infinity?

Since infinity is not a number, subtracting infinity from infinity can result in any number, or it can result in zero. The term infinity means something with no end. Therefore, you could start at t... Read More »

How to Remove a Radio in an Infinity FX45?

The Infiniti FX45 is a luxury SUV with lots of aftermarket features. The factory stereo does have a lot of options, but stereos available through the aftermarket have even more. To get an aftermark... Read More »

How to Remove Brake Rotors From a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

They are one of the most important safety components of any motor vehicle. Brake rotors provide a friction surface for the brake pads to slow or stop the car. Yet after years of service, the rotors... Read More »