How to Remove an Exterior Doorway?

Answer Removing an exterior doorway allows you to install a replacement door or to wall up the opening entirely. The removal process isn’t a difficult one. It’s strictly a controlled demolition job, r... Read More »

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How to Remove an Interior Doorway?

If you want to widen a doorway to hang a larger door or simply want to make the doorway into an archway, you can do so yourself without having to hire a professional contractor. This is not a diffi... Read More »

How do I remove gum from the exterior of a car?

Apply a chewing gum remover to the gum spot on your car's exterior. You can buy this from a car specialty store or from online vendors. Follow the instructions for allowing the remover to stand. Th... Read More »

How To Remove Decals From a Car Exterior?

From the advertising decal a car dealer affixes to your car, to the bumper sticker of which you have grown tired of, you'll need to remove this adornment if you're tired of it. Yet, you don't want ... Read More »

How to Remove Chewing Gum From a Car Exterior?

If someone thought it was a brilliant idea to throw their chewing gum out your car window, your car’s exterior is probably stuck with gum. Scraping it off will just mar the surface, but there are... Read More »