How to Remove an Exhaust Pipe?

Answer A vehicle's exhaust pipe is primarily responsible for directing the noxious exhaust gases produced by the engine away from the interior of the vehicle. Exhaust pipes also operate to rout the exhaus... Read More »

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How to Remove an Exhaust Pipe From a Manifold?

The exhaust manifold on an engine is bolted to the cylinder head; it takes the gasses from the engine and guides them to the exhaust. The two are joined together at a junction next to the engine. I... Read More »

How to Remove Bluing From an Exhaust Pipe?

Motorcycle exhaust pipes can suffer a variety of burns, scorching and scratches. Contaminants that come into contact with hot exhaust pipes, such as shoe leather, plastic, denim and other materials... Read More »

How to Remove Blue From a Chrome Exhaust Pipe?

The chrome exhaust pipes on your vehicle look great, but the intense heat that occurs in the exhaust pipes can cause the chrome pipes to turn bluish in color. With a few supplies, though, you can r... Read More »

How to Remove the Exhaust Pipe From the Manifold on a 2000 Dodge Neon?

You might need to replace the exhaust pipe below the exhaust manifold on the 2000 Dodge Neon if the pipe rusts through, causing an exhaust leak. The pipe runs down to the catalytic converter and mu... Read More »