How to Remove an After Market Auto Remote Starter Alarm System?

Answer A car starter has the sole purpose of automatically starting the ignition when you press a button on your remote control -- no key needs to be turned in the ignition switch of the car. You may need... Read More »

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How to Test an Auto Alarm System for a Jeep?

The alarm system included in your Jeep triggers automatically under certain circumstances. This protects the vehicle from would-be thieves. The alarm itself connects to the lights and horn, both of... Read More »

How to reprogram remote alarm system?

answeron My 2004 rodeo with a delphi remote you sit in the car put the ignition to on so all the dash lights up close the door then press both buttons on the remote for a few seconds got this answe... Read More »

Can your auto insurance carrier make you use after market parts on your GM auto for collision repairs?

Answer Usually an insurance co. wants a quote on the repairs,if they want after market parts, then they are cheap and I would use another insurer. Once you give the Ins co. the estimate or two est... Read More »

How can you get a replacement remote for door locks and alarm system on a jeep grand Cherokee 1995?