How to Remove an Account on a MacBook?

Answer If you plan on selling your computer or if a user will no longer be using your MacBook, you can remove the account from the OS X system. Removing the account will make it appear as if the user has ... Read More »

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How do i restore account passwords on a macbook?

Start ComputerWhile the computer is off, Insert the OX S installation disc provided with your machine. As the computer loads, hold down the letter "C" on your keyboard and wait for the OX S start-u... Read More »

How do I delete an account on the MacBook Pro using Leopard software?

Click on the Apple menu in the upper-right corner of your Macbook Pro Leopard operating system. Select "System Preferences" and click "Accounts." This displays a list of your accounts. Click on the... Read More »

Is there a way to remove/change an iCloud account from an old phone without affecting the account on a new one?

Just have them sign up for a new apple id, that will their own icloud account then.

How do I remove a disk from a MacBook?

Drag and DropClick and hold on the disk's icon on the MacBook's desktop screen. Drag the icon to the "Trash" on the toolbar. When the folder gets near the toolbar, the trash icon will change to an ... Read More »