How to Remove a Window From a '92 Mustang?

Answer I won't lie to you. Removing the rear quarter-window on a 1992 Ford Mustang is not for the average car owner. However, if you're an automotive enthusiast who's handy with the tools and that discolo... Read More »

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How to Remove a Window Switch From a 2002 Mustang?

The 2002 Ford Mustang's window switch is integrated with its door lock switch; these two switches are removed and replaced at the same time. The switches themselves are integrated into a plastic se... Read More »

How to Remove Window Tint From the Back Glass of a Mustang?

The window tint on the back glass of your Mustang is inside the glass and glues on using a lower tack adhesive. The tint keeps the sun's UV rays from heating up the inside of your automobile and th... Read More »

How to Remove a Window on a 2003 Mustang Convertible?

You can remove a window from your 2003 Ford Mustang convertible as a weekend project in your driveway and you'll save money by not having to take your car to the shop. Most likely, you need to remo... Read More »

How to Remove a 1967 Mustang Door Window?

Removing the door glass from a 1967 Mustang may seem like a perplexing task, particularly since there seems to be nothing holding the glass in place. Behind the door panel, however, are two metal w... Read More »