How to Remove a VW Anti-Theft Lug Nut?

Answer Volkswagen mounts the wheels of many car models with locking lug nuts. These lug nuts require a special lug key to remove the nuts from the wheel studs, keeping your car's tires secure. You can rem... Read More »

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How to Remove a Tire Valve Cap Anti-Theft Device?

If you drive a car, you should know what a valve cap is and where it's located if you ever check the air in your tires. Some kids like to collect valve caps, and you might find one missing on your ... Read More »

How to Choose an Anti-theft Device?

Any car is vulnerable to theft. But certain precautions will make your car more of a challenge, which may send the thief looking for easier pickings elsewhere.

How to Choose an Anti theft Device?

Auto theft is a billion dollar business, despite the fact that nearly 25 percent of all drivers claim to have some type of anti-theft device installed on their cars. Even though they are not foolpr... Read More »

How to Use an Anti-Theft Brake Lock?

An anti-theft brake lock puts the brake pedal -- not the pad on which you press, but the arm of the pedal assembly to which the foot pad is attached -- against the floor behind the pedal. When enga... Read More »