How to Remove a VNC Icon From the Systray?

Answer The Notification Area of the Windows Taskbar allows running programs and processes to alert you of relevant information, like newly connected devices or software updated. That said, many of these a... Read More »

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Should I click on the "safely remove hardware "icon at the bottom right of my computer when I remove a device?

You should ALWAYS switch a USB device like a flash drive, memory card, camera off using the "safely remove hardware" or you can corrupt it or the files on it.Despite what a couple of people have sa... Read More »

How do you remove the USB "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the task bar?

right click start menu barchoose propertiesat customizechoose the iconalways hideokor just add the hardware bycontrol panel>printers and faxes>add a printerthen it will be considered as a add on ha... Read More »

How to Remove Icon Boxes?

Windows at times places boxes around icons, creating an annoying view of your desktop and background. To get rid of the boxes, which are actually shadows of the icons, you need to get into your sys... Read More »

How do you remove icon on iPhone?

Keep your finger on the icon for 2-3 seconds. After that you will see that all icons will start to wobble. You can than delete icons.note: you can not delete icons that came with the iphone when it... Read More »