How to Remove a VNC Icon From the Systray?

Answer The Notification Area of the Windows Taskbar allows running programs and processes to alert you of relevant information, like newly connected devices or software updated. That said, many of these a... Read More »

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How to Remove the Scanner Icon From a Desktop?

When you install a scanner to your computer, the icon is generally added to your desktop. The icon also appears on the desktop if you create a shortcut manually. If you are organizing and clearing ... Read More »

How to Remove a Bluetooth Icon from a Taskbar?

Almost every modern desktop, netbook, and laptop computer comes with Bluetooth technology. Having the ability to use Bluetooth out of the box is a great feature for many computer users. Additionall... Read More »

How to Add and Remove a Program Icon From the Dock of a Mac Computer?

On a Macintosh (Mac) computer, the Dock is the row of icons located at the bottom of the Desktop. The main purpose of the Dock is to provide you with accessibility to the files, programs, and appli... Read More »

How do I remove the"Windows Update"icon from the desktop in XP?

Right-click on the "Windows Update" icon on your desktop and select "Delete". When prompted, click "Yes" to confirm the operation. Open the Recycle Bin, click "Empty the Recycle Bin" and click "Yes... Read More »