How to Remove a User File From Windows Vista?

Answer Operating system support for multiple user accounts enables users to run a computer under a different set of permissions for specific activity types, such as a user account for daily activities, wh... Read More »

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How do I prevent a User in windows xp from deleting a file?

just make the file read only right click and properties check read only. But for security they should have a separate login in for file permissions to work.

How do I remove a user from Windows XP?

Log into your Windows XP administrator account. Click the "Start" button to open the Start menu. Click "Control Panel" and open the "User Accounts" menu. Pick the user account you want removed from... Read More »

How to Remove Deleted File Names Off Your Computer on Windows Vista?

Microsoft's Windows "Recycle Bin" is a safety net for discarded computer data. When you initially delete a file or folder it disappears from its saved path and location on your hard drive and ends ... Read More »

How to Remove User Accounts From the Login Screen in Windows XP?

Sick of seeing user accounts for people who don't even use that computer anymore? Or maybe you bought your PC secondhand and it came with some already on there. Taking them down doesn't require a w... Read More »