How to Remove a Two Barrel Carburetor on an '88 Dodge Dakota?

Answer The 1988 Dodge Dakota with a four-cylinder 2.2-liter engine uses a Holley 6280 two-barrel carburetor with an electric choke. These carburetors are completely rebuildable with kits available at auto... Read More »

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How to Remove a Single Barrel Carburetor?

A lot of older vehicles on the road today rely on simple carburetors to get air and fuel into their engine. While simple and effective, carburetors still need periodic inspection and maintenance to... Read More »

How to Remove an Oil Pan From a Dodge Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota oil pan collects dirty oil below the truck. For maintenance, drain the oil regularly. Sometimes the truck may hit a rock, a pot hole or another obstacle that damages the oil pan, a... Read More »

How to Remove a Starter from a Dodge Dakota?

Removing the starter motor from your Dodge Dakota allows it to be tested, replaced or rebuilt as needed. Replacement starters are readily available from your Dodge dealer or through most auto parts... Read More »

How To Remove '94 Dodge Dakota Starter?

If your battery and alternator both work, but your 1994 Dodge Dakota will not start it may be because the starter is out. The starter, solenoid and battery play key roles in the starting of your ve... Read More »