How to Remove a Transmission Seal?

Answer If you notice that your vehicle is slowly leaking transmission fluid, the likely reason is that the transmission fluid seal needs to be removed and replaced. To replace the oil seal, the transmissi... Read More »

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How to Remove a Transaxle Seal From the Transmission?

Transaxle seals are intended to prevent transmission fluid leaks at the point of CV joint entry into the transmission's differential. There are seldom problems with these seals, though they do occa... Read More »

How to Remove the Front Seal From an Automatic Transmission?

An automatic transmission helps to ensure your vehicle runs correctly. The automatic transmission keeps the driver from having to shift gears by hand and will do this for you automatically. Its ma... Read More »

How to Seal Transmission?

If you see a reddish liquid underneath your car after its parked for a while, it could be that the seals have dried out on your transmission. When the seals dry out they shrink resulting in small l... Read More »

How to Fix the Seal in the Transmission?

Automatic transmissions have two important seals, one in the back to seal the driveshaft yoke and one in the front that seals the torque converter. Manual transmissions also use a driveshaft seal.... Read More »