How to Remove a Temporary File From a Computer With Vista?

Answer Too many unused computer files--including temporary files--can needlessly suck up a computer's hard-drive space. Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system stores temporary files for quick viewing ... Read More »

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How to Remove Deleted File Names Off Your Computer on Windows Vista?

Microsoft's Windows "Recycle Bin" is a safety net for discarded computer data. When you initially delete a file or folder it disappears from its saved path and location on your hard drive and ends ... Read More »

How to Remove a User File From Windows Vista?

Operating system support for multiple user accounts enables users to run a computer under a different set of permissions for specific activity types, such as a user account for daily activities, wh... Read More »

How do I print a pdf file double sided from a Windows Vista computer?

Windows Vista and the PDF file have nothing to do with you printing a document. It's your printer settings.Are you sure your printer supports double sided printing? If it doesn't, just have it pr... Read More »

I have a new dell computer with vista. How do I upload pics from my camera to my computer?

I have a Dell with Vista as well. I'm just able to insert the memory card into the slot (place for memory card should read "SDIMMC" or something similar). For the most part, the computer takes to f... Read More »