How to Remove a Tea Stain From a Cup?

Answer A cup of hot tea is relaxing way to start your day. Tea---particularly black tea---may leave a stain in the cup if you don't rinse it out right away. Porcelain, glass and plastic cups are all easil... Read More »

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How to Remove a Rust Stain from a Car?

Rust can develop on a car for any number of reasons. Whether caused by a major auto accident or abrasion, anything that somehow penetrates through the car's protective finish to the bare metal belo... Read More »

How to Remove a Gel Pen Stain From Clothing?

Gel pens are great for smooth and easy writing but they also can create hard-to-remove stains on clothing. If you get a gel pen ink stain on a garment, there are steps you can take to remove the st... Read More »

How do I remove ZAR stain from wood?

Place the Wood OutsidePlace the wood outdoors or cover all of the surrounding areas near the wood if you plan to stay indoors. Apply an oil-based paint stripper to the wood stain. The stripper shou... Read More »

How to Remove an Ink Stain From Cotton?

Ink stains can be difficult to remove from cotton garments and linens because of the dye in the ink. Some ink products, such as ball-point ink, contain both a wax- or oil-based ingredient as well a... Read More »