How to Remove a Tape Player Out of a 2002 GMC?

Answer Many 2002 GMC models featured a stock AM/FM stereo with a tape player. It is possible, however, to remove the original stereo in favour of an aftermarket model in just a few steps. In this case, th... Read More »

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Can you play a VHS tape in a BETA tape player?

No, they are physically different sizes. You can get a cheap VHS player/recorder on Ebay. Just search "VHS vcr". could also send the tape to UCanView. They'll convert th... Read More »

How to Remove a Stuck Tape From an Auto Tape Deck?

Cassette tape decks are largely automotive relics nowadays, long replaced by CD players, which themselves are starting to get supplanted by MP3 and satellite radio players. Still, there are a consi... Read More »

How To Change a Tape Player?

At one time, a tape player was the only car audio alternative to radio. The cassette tape was considered far superior to its predecessor, the 8-track. The tape player was small, reliable, and provi... Read More »

Auto Tape Player Cleaning?

If you're experiencing audio difficulties with your vehicle's tape player, there's a good chance it just needs a cleaning. Using cassettes of inferior quality--or even switching between brands of t... Read More »