How to Remove a Stuck Rear Hub Assembly?

Answer Due to the amount of heat generated around the axle and the usage on the wheel hub assembly, the hub assembly can adhere to the axle to the point that it gets stuck when you are trying to remove it... Read More »

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How to Remove the Rear Lens Assembly for a Buick Park Avenue?

The Buick Park Avenue taillight assembly is accessible from within the trunk area. The mounting bolts secure the assembly behind the carpet lining. Two bulbs are in the rear assembly, the tail/stop... Read More »

How to Remove Stuck Rear Rotors on an Expedition?

There are a couple different reasons why the rear rotors on your Ford Expedition are stuck to the hub. Depending on your geographic region, rust could certainly be the biggest factor. However, inte... Read More »

How to Remove Stuck Calipers from the Rear Brakes of a Ford Escape?

Brake pads create brake dust as they wear during usage. Unfortunately, brake dust is not only unsightly when it gets all over the wheels, but it is also toxic. Another issue with brake dust is its ... Read More »

How to Replace a Rear Hub Assembly?

Manufacturers of front-wheel drive cars have switched from serviceable wheel bearings in the rear of vehicles to non-serviceable hub assemblies with sealed bearings. Replacement of worn bearings re... Read More »