How to Remove a Squatters Mississippi occupying a Foreclosed Condo?

Answer Usually 'squatters' are a police matter.You may be required to produce evidence of ownership or stewardship over the property in order for the police to take action.It will also be a good idea to b... Read More »

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Can the foreclosed former owner of a condo be charged with trespassing on condo property in Florida after the new certificate of title as been issued to the bank?

Since trespassing is a legal matter, you are best advised to contact your local police authority if you either want a definition of trespassing or want to press charges of trespassing.

Finding Free Lists of Foreclosed Homes in Mississippi?

The extended slump in the housing market has left a glut of foreclosed homes in Mississippi. While the rise in foreclosures has been a crisis for many homeowners, it also creates many new opportuni... Read More »

Can a condo be foreclosed for not paying association fees?

They usually don't foreclose for a condo fee, but they will place a lien on the home, meaning it cannot be sold until the lien is resolved. You can read all about the association's responsibilities... Read More »

Should I Change the Mailbox Lock After Buying a Foreclosed Condo?

As of 2009, 25 percent of the energy used in the U.S., totaling 22.84 trillion cubic feet originated from natural gas. Over half of the homes in the U.S. use natural gas for heating, cooking, cloth... Read More »