How to Remove a Spinning Ball Joint?

Answer When using a wrench to remove a ball joint from a car, often the nut spins in place and can't easily be loosened. This happens when the ball and socket portion of the ball joint is excessively worn... Read More »

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How to Remove a Ball Joint on a Car?

The ball joints are part of the suspension system on a vehicle. Damaged ball joints can cause uneven tire wear and erratic steering. Professionals recommend a ball joint inspection at every oil cha... Read More »

How to Remove a Del Sol Lower Ball Joint?

The ball joints on the front suspension of a Honda Del Sol are responsible for allowing the suspension to move up and down, and they also help the steering knuckle turn with the steering linkage. T... Read More »

How to Remove the C5 Lower Ball Joint Nut?

The lower ball joint nut on a Chevrolet Corvette C5 holds the knuckle to the lower control arm, and the ball joint allows the knuckle to turn with the wheels as well as cycle up and down with the s... Read More »

How to Remove a Lower Ball Joint?

The lower ball joint is located in the outboard end of a car's lower control arm. It connects the lower control arm and the spindle with a moveable joint necessary for steering. When a ball joint i... Read More »