How to Remove a Speaker Panel in a 1997 Toyota Celica?

Answer In some vehicles, the speaker grille can be removed to gain access to the speaker without removing the door panel. This is not the case with the 1997 Toyota Celica. In this vehicle, the door panels... Read More »

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Removing a Speaker Cover on a 1990 Toyota Celica?

1990 Toyota Celica models have speakers in four locations. Two are in the front, on the lower portion of either side of the dashboard. Two more are in the rear side panels. All of these speakers ha... Read More »

How to Install a Door Panel Speaker in a Toyota Pickup?

To install a door speaker in the door frame of a Toyota truck you will need to remove the door speaker that is already mounted to the door frame. The door panel must be removed from the door frame ... Read More »

How to Remove the Harmonic Balancer in a Toyota Celica?

The harmonic balancer in your Toyota Celica is the crankshaft pulley. The balancer helps to reduce the effect of resonance that originates from the natural combustion cycle in your engine. This res... Read More »

How to Remove the Stereo in a 2000 Toyota Celica?

The 2000 Toyota Celica was designed to be a low-cost performance car, with lots of different customization opportunities. One of these options is the stock stereo, which can be replaced in just a s... Read More »