How to Remove a Silencer From a Muffler?

Answer A muffler silencer is an add-on component to the tip of a muffler that reduces exhaust noise. The silencer diminishes the outlet hole of the muffler, reducing the passageway for exhaust to leave th... Read More »

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How to Install a 3.5 Inch Muffler Silencer?

A 3.5-inch muffler silencer fits on the end of a muffler in order to enhance the silencing function of the muffler. The silencer reduces the size of the output hole of the muffler, thereby reducing... Read More »

How to Remove an Air Silencer From a Chevy?

The air silencer on your Chevy engine is designed to quiet the noise coming in from the intake tube by creating a buffering spot for the rushing air. Although it does quiet the engine, it also decr... Read More »

How to Remove the Muffler From a Car?

Mufflers are in a precarious position. Located under a car, they're vulnerable to bumps, rocks and road debris that can cause holes or other damage. If you have muffler problems, you'll know right ... Read More »

How to Remove a Baffler From a Muffler?

Motorcycle manufacturers use a baffle system in the exhaust pipes of most motorcycles to dampen the sound that comes out of the pipes. Removing the baffles is one of the most popular modifications ... Read More »