How to Remove a Silencer From a Muffler?

Answer A muffler silencer is an add-on component to the tip of a muffler that reduces exhaust noise. The silencer diminishes the outlet hole of the muffler, reducing the passageway for exhaust to leave th... Read More »

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How to Install a 3.5 Inch Muffler Silencer?

A 3.5-inch muffler silencer fits on the end of a muffler in order to enhance the silencing function of the muffler. The silencer reduces the size of the output hole of the muffler, thereby reducing... Read More »

Difference between Baffle type silencer and packed silencer for 2 stroke engine/engines in general?

The difference is just what it says. Baffle silencers use baffles to re-direct sound waves to cancel each other out and reduce noise. A packed silencer uses material such as fiberglass mat or steel... Read More »

How to Remove the Air Silencer on a Silverado?

There are several ways to increase horsepower on your Chevrolet Silverado, and they start with getting air into or out of the engine faster. Installing a custom air intake is usually the first modi... Read More »

How to Remove an Air Silencer From a Chevy?

The air silencer on your Chevy engine is designed to quiet the noise coming in from the intake tube by creating a buffering spot for the rushing air. Although it does quiet the engine, it also decr... Read More »