How to Remove a Scratch With Wax?

Answer While not every scratch can be buffed out with wax, shallow scratches that do not go into the car's primer paint as well as swirl marks can be sufficiently covered by properly applying wax to the a... Read More »

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My idiot friend scratched my big screen hard with the wii controller. how can i remove/reduce the scratch?

If you want to remove it completely you need to change the screen.But if this is LCD flat TV there's no screen you need to change the whole panel (very expensive).Make sure your friend don't leave ... Read More »

How Do I Remove a Scratch From My New Car?

There are few things worse than discovering a scratch on the body of a brand new car, whether caused by a wayward shopping cart flying through a grocery store parking lot or by a rogue miscreant wh... Read More »

How to Remove a Scratch on a Dashboard?

Removing scratches from a dashboard can be difficult because of the way in which dashboards are formed and painted. A dashboard is typically molded plastic. It's heated, formed and then allowed to ... Read More »

How to Remove an Auto Scratch?

Removing scratches is part of preserving a auto's exterior, and waxing the auto body is a good way to prevent future scratches. A scratch can lead to paint chipping or rust developing on the car's ... Read More »