How to Remove a Round Pool Cover Without Getting Leaves in the Pool?

Answer Opening your swimming pool for the season is exciting, and you might have the urge to rush through the process. In doing so, you cause yourself more work than is necessary, though. For example, rem... Read More »

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Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an inground swimming pool caused when a windstorm lifted the pool cover and debris ripped the liner?

Answer If the policy specifically covers the pool, yes. If there is no specific mention of the pool in any of the insurance coverage papers, no. Answer I don't think that there needs to be specific... Read More »

What should you do if your pool cover has sunk into the pool around the pool pillow?

Answer You must first DRAIN the water off the pool cover!! Get a hose or plastic tube (available from most pet stores (fish department) and syphon off the water. This will take th weight of the ... Read More »

How to Install a Winter Pool Cover on an Above-Ground Pool?

Many above-ground pools are closed down for the winter. This protects the pool and its equipment from the cold. One part of the closing process is the installation of a winter cover. Winter covers ... Read More »

Is a rectangular pool better than a round pool?

Well, this isa toughquestion toanswer. Do you mean what would bhe morelikeable or what?? I would personally want a rectangular pool. I feel thisway because you can hang outin thecornersand such. It... Read More »