How to Remove a Rotting Porch?

Answer If you have a front or reach porch hung over a cement slab or wood decking that is rotting, you'll have to remove the porch before it collapses, falling against the house. The job is not difficult,... Read More »

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How to Remove a Brick Porch?

If your home has an attached brick porch and you want to remove it to make way for another structure, you can do so with a few tools and considerable elbow grease. Brick porches are formed on a bri... Read More »

How do you remove tar from a concrete porch?

All that stuff people said will work, so will kerosene. Maybe scrape the bigger blobs up with a scraper or putty knife first, tho.

Porch flooring what type of wood is best for out door porch that won't bleed sap?

Maintaining the original design and integrity of your home is important, and for many homes, that starts on the front porch.If you are looking for a "real" wood option, you can guarantee high maint... Read More »

Should you waterproof a wood porch before you glue outdoor carpet to the porch?

Answer yes you should waterproof it but the wood will not last as long as usual because outdoor carpet holds water and will rot the wood in time. Answer no ... do what u want i guess.......