How to Remove a Rotor from a PT Cruiser?

Answer You generally remove the rotor on a PT cruiser when replacing the rotor, caliper or a wheel bearing. The rotors on the PT wear thin over time, causing them to lose needed friction-reducing qualitie... Read More »

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How to Remove the Rotor in a '97 QX4?

The rotors on your Infiniti QX4 with proper brake system maintenance should last through three sets of brake pads. Damage to the rotors most often occurs from a poor brake pad replacement. Letting ... Read More »

How to Remove the Key From a PT Cruiser?

All kinds of different vehicles can have problems with keys, and the PT Cruiser is no exception. Your key can get stuck in the ignition of your vehicle for a number of different reasons, and it ma... Read More »

How To Remove a 4Runner Rotor?

Removing the front brake rotor from your Toyota 4Runner involves removal of the brake caliper and a few associated parts. The job can be completed with basic hand tools, and a new rotor can be purc... Read More »

How to Remove a Rear Rotor?

The rear rotors on your vehicle are often damaged from an overloaded cargo area or towing loads on a regular basis. This creates a strain on the brake system due to the vehicle's increased weight. ... Read More »