How to Remove a Rear Sway Bar?

Answer The rear suspension of a vehicle can often be overlooked when it comes to ride and comfort. The struts or rear shocks control most of the suspension characteristics on the rear of the vehicle, and ... Read More »

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How to Remove the Rear Sway Bar on a Jeep TJ?

The rear sway bar on a Jeep TJ is designed to control the side to side roll that most vehicles exhibit when taking hard turns. Although this improves handling on the road, it limits suspension arti... Read More »

How to Remove the Rear Sway Bar on a Nissan Patrol?

The Nissan Patrol is a SUV manufactured in Japan and sold to the Central American, South American and Australian markets. It is known for being a capable off-road vehicle and as such, lots of peopl... Read More »

How to Know When a Rear Sway Bar Is Bad?

Sway bars are designed to allow a vehicle to roll less while cornering. They work by allowing the suspension to compress and press up against the bar. The bar attempts to flex and push down on the ... Read More »

How to Mount a Rear Sway Bar?

Most cars come with a front sway bar, which is located underneath the vehicle and helps improve handling, particularly during tight corners. If you want to further improve handling, one option is t... Read More »