How to Remove a Rear Hub From a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Answer Removing the bub from your Ford Explorer is a task that you are able complete yourself, if the vehicle requires repairs. Typically, when a bearing goes bad it will need to be replaced by taking off... Read More »

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How to Remove A Rear Quarter Panel of the 2002 Ford Explorer?

Removing a rear quarter panel from a Ford Explorer is more complex than removing a front fender. The quarter panels are nearly twice as large due to the larger size of the SUV's rear compartment. Y... Read More »

How to Remove Rear Bearings from a 2002 Explorer?

The rear wheel bearings on your 2002 Ford Explorer provide support for both your rear wheels and axle. Unfortunately, your rear wheel bearings are susceptible to wear and tear and need to be change... Read More »

How to Remove the Console From a 2002 Ford Explorer?

You will need to remove the center console from your 2002 Ford Explorer before you can begin any repair work on the air conditioning unit or perform a radio installation. This task is not very time... Read More »

How to Remove the Front Hub Nut From a 2002 Ford Explorer?

When you need to replace a front bearing, brake calipers or drums on a 2002 Ford Explorer, you need to remove the hub nuts first. Hub nuts get corroded with grit and grime from roads which means yo... Read More »