How to Remove a Pixel Burn on an LCD TV?

Answer Burns on an LCD TV can be the cause of endless frustration for the TV viewer. Screen burns are caused from leaving a fixed image on the screen for too long, which causes a "ghost" of that color, pa... Read More »

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Can LCD screens experience pixel burn in?

Yes, they can. I've seen it in my repair ventures, but it's very, very seldom that it happens. It's also not known as ghosting, but is known as burn-in.Ghosting is what's known as another image t... Read More »

Which is newer in lcd TVs precise pixel hd or perfect pixel hd enegine from Philips TVs?

Pixel Precise is "newer" in marketing terms, Perfect Pixel is already a year or so "old". Fact ist that Pixel Precise is the small brother of Perfect Pixel, while Precise has less processing power ... Read More »

Is 800k pixel equivalent to 8mega pixel?

No 8 mega pixels is 8 million pixels because 1 mega pixel is 1000000 pixels

What is the differnce between lcd tv and led tv related to pixel size,how many pixel have in lcd and led tv?

Both tv uses lcd.Only difference is lcd uses cfl as a back light,while led uses light emmiting diodes as a back light.In my opinion led is best compared to lcd.