How to Remove a Pin From a Wire Harness?

Answer Pins can become loose over time in any wiring harness. Whether from vibration or repeated connect/disconnect cycles, removing a problem pin is surprisingly simple. Like all specialized projects, ... Read More »

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How to Wire a Car Harness?

Modern car radio installation is greatly assisted by the use of aftermarket wire harnesses. Designed to interface the aftermarket head unit with the vehicle's existing wiring, these harnesses can b... Read More »

How to Wire a Harness Clip?

A key component of a wire harness is the clip. The clip is a plastic shell found on the connecting end of the harness. It is made up of a plug and socket. Wiring the clips is generally a simple ta... Read More »

How to Repair a Wire Harness?

Repairing wire harnesses normally revolves around replacement of damaged pins or wiring. Given that the harness shell is typically very durable, the weakest part of the harness is the spindly wiri... Read More »

Wire Harness Instructions?

Wire harnesses help sort out car wires underneath the hood to make customizations easier and more successful for the DIY mechanic. There are two main types of wire harnesses available for automobil... Read More »