How to Remove a Motorcycle Chain?

Answer Motorcycle chains commonly wear out from excessive use and sometimes neglect. Chains need to be lubed frequently to stay in functional shape and often, when the chain goes bad, so to do the sprocke... Read More »

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How to Remove Rust From a Motorcycle Chain?

In most cases, a rusty motorcycle chain is not a safety issue. Unless the chain is rusted all the way through, your bike is not going to stop running or fall apart. However, rust detracts from the ... Read More »

How to Remove Chain Links Without a Chain Breaker Tool?

There are a lot of motor-powered items that use a chain, such as a snowmobile, motorcycle, or even some lawn mowers. These chains need to be regularly maintained like any other part on a vehicle, a... Read More »

How to Fit a Motorcycle Chain?

If you notice signs of wear in your motorcycle chain such as rust, stretching and kinks, it might be time to fit a new one. Many riders think you need a licensed mechanic for this job. However, wit... Read More »

How much slack should be in a motorcycle chain?

The amount of slack needed in a motorcycle chain varies by manufacturer and model. Motorcycle owners should check their owner's manuals or contact their manufacturer to find out the correct measure... Read More »