How to Remove a Mortise Lock From a Door?

Answer Mortise locks provide security to your entry ways while adding to the appearance of your home. Mortise locks not only operate a bit differently than standard locks, they also install differently. R... Read More »

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What is a sliding patio door mortise lock?

A sliding patio mortise lock is the locking mechanism recessed into the edge of the patio door. These locks are installed by cutting a deep hole into the edge of the door. Generally, patio doors ar... Read More »

How do I remove an old mortise lock?

Lock RemovalRemove the screws in the plate that go over the lock cylinder. Remove the plate, and remove all the screws that hold the cylinder in place. If there is more then one cylinder, remove th... Read More »

How do I remove a lock from a door?

Remove Door LockUnscrew the exposed, screws holding the inside knob in place with a screwdriver. Pull off the inside knob. Pull the outside knob out of the door hole. Locate the small notch on the ... Read More »

How do I remove a broken key from a door lock?

Using PliersUsing a pair of needle-nose pliers, try to grab the tip of the broken key. Pull the key fragment up and forward to remove it.Using a Saw BladeCut a segment of a coping saw or small hac... Read More »