How to Remove a Mopar 360 Oil Pump?

Answer The Mopar 360 engine, is also known as the 5.9l engine, and is found in older Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. This engine uses an oil pump mounted to the bottom of the engine that transports the oil i... Read More »

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How to Change the Fuel Pump on a Mopar 318?

The Chrysler Corporation 318 cubic-inch V8 "LA" series engine was the successor to the 273 V8. The 318 has a mechanical fuel pump that mounts on the timing cover. The pump has a spring-loaded arm t... Read More »

How to Replace the Water Pump on My 1996 Mopar 3L V6?

The water pump in your 3.0-liter displacement Mopar engine is responsible for keeping the coolant circulating in the cooling system. If the water pump fails, the engine can overheat, which can caus... Read More »

How to Remove Mopar Windshield Trim?

When the windshield trim on your Mopar vehicle begins to show wear or rust, you will want to replace it with new trim. Or if the windshield is cracked and needs replacing, you have to first remove ... Read More »

How to Remove the Headlight Switch Knob on a Mopar?

If you are having a problem with the headlight switch knob on your Mopar -- a short-hand term for any Chrysler-built vehicle, such as a Dodge or Plymouth -- you may need to replace it. The headligh... Read More »