How to Remove a MicroDermal Anchor?

Answer Sometimes it is necessary to remove a microdermal anchor. Maybe you got a new job that doesn't allow piercings or maybe your anchor has started to reject. Getting it out now can prevent you from ... Read More »

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How to Insert A MicroDermal Anchor?

MicroDermal Anchors are single point piercings. In other words, only one end or bead is visible to the eye. They can be placed anywhere on the body. You should only go to an experienced, professi... Read More »

How to Remove a Microdermal Piercing?

Microdermal implants, or surface anchors, are semi-permanent body piercings implanted in the face, neck, back, feet or almost any other body surface where a piercing is desired. Unlike many piercin... Read More »

How to Remove a Dermal Anchor?

Dermal anchors are attractive to many people because they can go anywhere on the body. The single point piercing may need to be removed if you get hired for a job that doesn't allow body modificat... Read More »

How do I remove a wall anchor?

Toggle BoltsPlace a screwdriver or socket wrench onto the bolt head. Unscrew the bolt until it retracts enough to fall into the wall cavity. Cover the hole with joint compound or plaster as neede... Read More »