How to Remove a Lip Ring Two Weeks After I Get it?

Answer If you want to take out your 2-week-old lip ring—due to regret, infection or parental pressure—you'll need to take special care. Lip piercings take six to eight weeks to heal, so at two weeks, ... Read More »

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I have had my nipple ring in for about 1 year and 2 months. I am 13 weeks pregnant. Will a nipple ring harm the unborn child while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Answer There is no risk to you or the baby from your nipple ring as long as you maintain a normal hygiene routine. Many pierced mothers say that there is no need to take the ring out while breast... Read More »

Can I take my nose ring out in 5 weeks?

On One Hand: Nose Piercing Are Cartilage PiercingsCartilage piercings take longer to heal than, say, the fleshy earlobe. It's is recommended to allow these piercings three to six months, even up to... Read More »

Can you take out a nose ring after 4 weeks?

On One Hand: Nose Piercings Take A Few Months to HealAfter getting a nose piercing, it will need time to heal. The recommended time to leave in the piercing stud post piercing is between 2 and 4 mo... Read More »

I changed my belly ring after 3 weeks?

i would stop using the sea salt soaks after 6 months and then every once in awhile do a sea salt soak. thats what i do with my piercings :)