How to Remove a Leaf Spring From a 1989 Ford Ranger?

Answer The rear suspension of the 1989 Ford Ranger consists primarily of two shock absorbers and two leaf springs. The primary purpose of the leaf springs is to support the differential. However, the leaf... Read More »

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How to Replace the Leaf Spring on a 1998 Ford Ranger?

The rear suspension of a 1999 Ford Ranger pickup consists of two multi-leaf spring packs that support the rear axle of the truck. If a spring breaks in the pack, you can change the pack to correct ... Read More »

How to Install Leaf Spring Bushings on a Ford Ranger?

Installing new leaf spring bushings will quiet the ride, ease vibrations from the road and allow the spring to work more efficiently on your Ford Ranger. The leaf spring bushings that are in the fr... Read More »

How do I Replace 1997 Ford Ranger Leaf Spring Mounts?

The frame on a 1997 Ford Ranger has various mounts for different suspension components. In the rear, this means a set of leaf spring mounts that are mounted to the frame by a set of rivets. Should ... Read More »

How to Remove an Oil Pan from a 1989 Ford Ranger?

The oil pan on a 1989 Ford Ranger is responsible for holding the engine's oil supply. The oil pan is attached to the engine's crankcase and held in place with bolts. Removing the oil pan from the v... Read More »